Original Bylaws

Pinellas Beekeepers Association

A Division of the Florida State Beekeepers Association (FSBA)

Bylaws and Constitution

Mission: We are a group dedicated to educating the community on the necessity and importance of honeybees to the environment, promoting methods of keeping bees without the use of chemicals, and to identifying and encouraging new beekeepers by offering informative education meetings, classes, related materials, and hands-on assistance.

Article I: Name

This Association shall be known as the Pinellas Beekeepers Association. This Association is an affiliate of the Florida State Beekeepers Association.

Article II: Membership

  • Association membership is from January to December and is not prorated, new memberships will be accepted January through September. A membership is $5 (one vote). FSBA memberships ($15 and can include two household members) will be renewed in January with renewing PBA memberships.

  • There are three classes of membership: Active, Life, and Honorary.

ACTIVE: Membership includes anyone who is involved in the beekeeping industry and/or who is interested in the keeping of bees or in the promotion of beekeeping management, including sales of honey and/or hive products.

LIFE: Membership may be obtained by donating beekeeping equipment:

  • One bottom board and cover
  • One brood box with frames
  • Two supers with frames
  • Viable colony of bees

In lieu of the above items, a Life membership may also be obtained by donating equipment or supplies equivalent in value to the above items or $250 to purchase items as determined by the board.

HONORARY: Members may be nominated at any meeting and elected to honorary membership at the next meeting with a ¾ vote of the ACTIVE members present. Honorary members do not hold voting privileges.

Article III: Board Members and Nominations

  1. Board members are elected during the October Business meeting and will be installed and assume their responsibilities at the January Business meeting.
  2. A nomination committee shall be formed at the July Business meeting to nominate one candidate for each office. The candidate slate will be presented at the October Business meeting.
  3. Nominations may also be accepted from any member who holds an ACTIVE or LIFE membership at the regular September meeting. Further nominations may be made from the floor on the day of the vote. The nominated member must consent to the nomination and be willing to commit to the responsibilities of the nominated position for one year.
  4. Election shall be by written ballot if more than one candidate is presented for the office.
  5. Board members commit to serving in their elected position for a term of one year. 
  6. Vacancies occurring during the term shall be filled by election. Such election will take place at the first meeting after the vacancy occurs.

Article IV: Responsibilities of the Board of Members

Communications Director

  • Presides and/or supervises meetings and special interest projects associated with Pinellas Beekeepers Association.
  • Acts as primary liaison between the Association and FSBA.
  • Schedules speakers or programs for monthly meetings
  • Updates members on Association business such as quarterly treasury reports, and other information provided at the Business Meetings.
  • Facilitates communication within the group by overseeing the Association web presence.

Business Meeting Coordinator

  • Provides agenda prior to quarterly business meeting and chairs business meeting. 
  • Perform all duties of the Communications Director in case of absence or vacancy of office.
  • Drafts needed bylaw amendments as appropriate.
  • Facilitate elections and accepts three non-board volunteer members to count votes.

Apiary Liaison – appointed position

  • Facilitates communication between the owners of the apiary location and the Association.
  • Maintains a list of apiary volunteers who have signed the waiver. Original waivers are provided to the apiary sponsor while the Association retains a copy.

Apiary Manager

  • Liaison between the State of Florida Department of Agriculture and the Association. The Apiary Manager is the primary contact for state apiary inspectors in relation to the hives owned by the Association.
  • Presides over monthly apiary workdays.
  • Maintains apiary. Plans and purchases equipment with approval of board.
  • Offers monthly Apiary Report at general meetings and business meetings.

Education Meeting Coordinator

  • Presides and/or supervises meetings that are related to the Association, but are offered at satellite facilities.


  • Responsible for all monies belong to the Association and maintains ledgers and spreadsheet associated with funds received and dispensed.
  • Obtains approval from the board for expenditures up to $500. Petitions approval from general membership regarding expenditures in excess of $500.
  • Maintains authority to sign checks for payments and services. All checks must have two signatures of board members. Said board members cannot be married and/or be family members.
  • The treasurer should be able to provide the most recent bank statement and be available to answer questions as needed. However, the Treasurer provides an official financial report at all business meetings. The information captured during the quarterly business meeting will be relayed to all members.
  • Presents annual written treasurer report to Association in October.


  • Maintains master list of member contact information and archives sign in sheets.
  • Records meeting notes from business meetings and posts to website.

Article V: Business Meetings

  1. Business meetings are conducted January, April, July, and October. All members are welcome and encouraged to attend. Additional meetings may be called by the board if needed.
  2. Amendments to the bylaws must be submitted to the membership in writing 30 days prior to the business meeting. The proposed changes will be added to the Business Meeting Agenda and will require a 2/3 vote for implementation. Members must be present at the business meeting to vote.
  3. Committees shall be appointed by the board or by motion as needed.
  4. Business meetings shall be conducted according to the “Roberts Rules of Order”

Article VI: Apiary

  1. Hives will be obtained by the Association from direct donation or purchased with Association funds when funding is available.
  2. The Association apiary is for educational purposes only. Hives belonging to the Association will not be relocated from the apiary unless the health of the hives are threatened as agreed by the majority of board members. If hives must be moved every effort will be made to secure a temporary location in Pinellas County where work days can continue to be held. Hives will be returned to their original location as soon as possible.
  3. Hives owned by the Association will not be used on pollination contracts and will be managed without the regular use of chemical treatments, open feeding, or pollen substitute. If one time treatments are deemed necessary they must be pre-approved in writing by the board.
  4. The Apiary Manager will open the apiary at least once a month to Association members and the general public for an education/work day.
  5. Hive products that are produced by Association bees will be processed and sold by the Association to fund the apiary and other educational opportunities.

Article VII: Funds

No part of the net earnings of the Association shall inure to the benefit of, or be distributable to its members, trustees, officers, or other private persons except that the Association shall be authorized and empowered to pay reasonable compensation for services rendered and to make payments and distributions in furtherance of the purposes set forth in the mission statement.



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