Need Bees Relocated?

Some local beekeepers do honey bee relocations.  This is a skilled service requiring time, equipment, gas and other expenses which most beekeepers need to recoup by charging for relocations.  The Pinellas Beekeepers are an informal group of beekeepers who simply get together to share and talk about bees, we share this list merely as a way for people to connect.  Anyone who would like to be listed here as a local beekeeper who relocates bees can be listed, no one has been vetted or approved.

Name Area Email Phone Notes
Rebecca Conroy Central Pinellas 727-688-9069
Jim Steele Pinellas 727-642-8823  no trees
Gene Petys Pinellas and Hillsborough 727-244-4917 boom truck


Jeff Cummins Hillsborough    East Pinellas 813-363-2419
Jeffery Johnston Pinellas, Hillsborough, Manatee 727-455-4222  Insured